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CRZ Applicability

Proposed site is in CRZ IV area as per the CRZ notification of 2011. Copy of the CZMP indicating CRZ Status is at Exhibit D.

As per the provision 8 (IV) prior permission of the MoEF is mandatory with a recommendation from MCZMA. The provision is reproduced as follows:

(IV) In CRZ-IV areas,- The activities impugning on the sea and tidal influenced water bodies will be regulated except for traditional fishing and related activities undertaken by local communities as follows:

  • No untreated sewage, effluents, ballast water, ship washes, fly ash or solid waste from all activities including from aquaculture operations shall be let off or dumped. A Comprehensive plan for treatment of sewage generating from the coastal towns and Cities shall be formulated within a period of one year in consultation with stakeholders including traditional coastal communities, traditional fisher folk and implemented;
  • Pollution from oil and gas exploration and drilling, mining, boat house and shipping;
  • There shall be no restriction on the traditional fishing and allied activities undertaken by local communities.

Therefore, considering the above, a conceptual proposal/ plan is being sent to MCZMA with a request to advise what all other studies will be required in addition to proposed studies indicated as above by the Public Works Department in the State.

Enclosures as Follows:

 Exhibit A

Geographical Position of all corners of the site Exhibit A.

 Exhibit C

Exhibit C: Geographical Location with respect to surrounding development

 Exhibit D

Exhibit D : CRZ Map