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Site Selection

Extensive Survey was done to identify the site for erection of Statue of Chatrapati Shivaji similar to world famous statue of Liberty in Back Bay Area of Arabian Sea near Mumbai under the leadership of Hon, Guardian Minister of Mumbai Shri Jayant Patil in the month of January 2013. Initially three sites viz. 1. Site, 500 meters away from Girgaon Beach, in the intertidal zone, 2. Site 2 Km south west of H2Ojust beyond LTL and 3. Site, with rocky out crop, 3.6 Km towards the sea from H2O Jetty at Girgoan.

The first site was rejected due proximity to the land and was in the intertidal zone were reclamation was envisioned. Second site was in CRZ IV from where internet and telecommunication cables were passing through and substantial reclamation was also required and hence rejected.

Third site selected is an elliptical / egg shaped basalt rocky out crop of approximate size of 650m x 325m at lowest tide level admeasuring 15.96 hectares and is supported by 17.67 hectares of shallow rocky bank all around ( Submarine rock). This rocky out crop is situated about 1.2 km South-South West of Rajbhavan, 3.6 km in South West direction from H2O Jetty at Girgaon and 2.6 km from West of Nariman point. No major reclamation would be required on this site and it is near to international navigational route on the South-South West. It is accessible from H2O Jetty at Girgoan, Gateway of India, Mahim Bay, Juhu and Gorai through existing water routes.

During High Tide site under reference is usually submerged with around 1 to 4 meters of water column and during Low tide main rocky portion admeasuring 15.96 hectares remains visible. However, rocky bank around the site is always submerged with minimum of 0.5 meter water column.

The latitude of site is 18º 55’33.8’’ and longitude of site is72º 47’25.0”E at the Centre point of the site. Marine drive Back Bay area chart no. 1408/ 2013 prepared by Maritime Board indicating Geographical Position of all corners of the site is annexed at Exhibit A.

Navigational Map indicating exact location and contours of the area is at Exhibit B.

Google image indicating geographical location with respect to surrounding area of the site is attached at Exhibit C.